Preparing for a Specific Interview

Course Summary:

A bespoke practical course showing how to deliver an effective media interview on a known subject area. This subject will be thoroughly researched by the media trainer  so the questions will be as demanding as in the on-air  interview.


Day or a half day

Suitable for:

  • Marketing and PR personnel
  • Senior management who need to understand the media process
  • Anyone inexperienced in working with the media

Group size:

One-to-one or groups up to 4

Resources included:

  • Media Training Manual
  • Your digital audio/video recordings  from the practical sessions on a memory stick



Suggested Content:


  • What the media needs
  • Rules of Communication
  • Preparing what to say
  • The pitfalls around your chosen topic
  • How to stay on the front foot
  • The sound-byte
  • Different styles of interviews
  • Preparing for the day
  • Understanding the editing process
  • Being interviewed (several practical sessions in different environments e.g. studio, outdoors, telephone )


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